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How To Apply For Membership

Webelos Cub Scouts Crossing over to Troop 14

Cub Scouts who are crossing over into Scouts BSA cannot use the online forms.

  1. Cub Scouts must fill out a paper application to transfer their Cub Scout membership to Scouts BSA.
    You can find a link to the Youth Membership Application in the BSA Forms section below.
  2. Include a check for $0 payable to  "BSA Troop 14".  $10/mo when in-person meetings resume.
  3. Include a filled out Medical Form, Part A & B.
  4. Copy of front and back of insurance card
  5. Fill out the T14 Emergency Form supplement
  6. Deliver paperwork to Scoutmaster, who will sign and deliver paperwork to the Membership Chair.

New Scouts

New members who are not currently Cub Scouts can join by filling out an online application.

  1.  Fill out an online youth application: [LINK]

Once approved, deliver the following to our Membership Chair:

  1. Check of $0  payable to BSA troop 14. $10/mo when in-person meetings resume.
  2. Include a filled out Medical Form, Part A & B.
  3.  Front and back of health insurance card
  4.  T14 Emergency Form supplement. [LINK]


New Adults

  1. If necessary, create an account at
  2. Take the Youth Protection Training at
  3. For ASM and Committee roles, Complete the "Before the First Meeting" class segments on . This consists of 5 or 6 short videos about Scouting.
  4. Complete and submit an Online Adult Application [LINK].
  5. Notify the Committee Chair that the  Online Application is ready for review on

Then, deliver the following paperwork to the Membership Chair:

  1.  Medical part A and part B. See BSA Forms Section below.
  2.  Front and back of health insurance card
  3.  T14 Emergency Form supplement. [LINK]

To navigate to the training section of, do the following:

  1. Login to the website
  2. From the menu in the upper-left, select "My Training"
  3. From the navbar at the top, select YPT for Youth Protection training, all else select "Training Center"
  4. On the "Training Courses by Program" page, select Scouts BSA
  5. On the Scouting U page, select "Scoutmaster Training" or "Troop Committee Training" as appropriate
  6. Select the first section, "Before the First Meeting" and watch the videos

BSA Forms

BSA MEDICAL FORMS [LINK] is the place to get BSA medical forms.
BSA Youth Application [LINK] is a pdf file you should download, fill out, and send to the Scoutmaster or Committee Chair.