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IT  Infrastructure

Distinct services used by

  • - name registration
  • - cpanel config tool, email, legacy website
  • - redirects some names to other places; e.g., redirect ->
  • - hosts the main troop website
  • - hosts the troop14 yahoo groups archive and a wiki


DNS Zone

Domain name:


Contact: Alan Marcum,, +1.6508562321

The configured nameservers are at NS61[34].WEBSITEWELCOME.COM


DNS Configuration - Web hosts and email 

The troop14pa nameservers are configured using the zoneeditor at

 Of particular interest -

  • ->, which bounces to
  • ->, which redirects to


Web Trampoline has several host configurations that redirect to other locations.

For example:

server {
  listen 80;
  client_max_body_size 4G;   keepalive_timeout 5;
  location ~ \.* {
    return 302$request_uri; 


Website Hosting

The website is hosted at Google Sites.


Email Services

Email is currently handled by the node at

Email aliases are configured using


Wiki Pages

Wiki pages are provided by





Troop 14 is a Scouts BSA boys troop sponsored by Covenant Presbyterian Church in Palo Alto, CA.