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The SPL and their staff sets the agenda for the outings.

The assigned Service Patrol(s) are responsible for Camp Services (menus, food prep, duty rosters) for all scouts in attendance.

Spring 2020 Outings:

  • 1/18 Waddell Beach
  • 2/X ? Snow Camping (Contingent)
  • 3/14: Pt. Reyes
  • 4/18: Portola Redwoods SP
  • 5/1: Camporee
  • May or June: Cache Creek Rafting? (Contingent)

Spring Service:

  • Memorial Day Flags

Spring Meetings:

  • ILST (Troop Leader Training) [SM will schedule early)
  • Annual Planning Meeting (Jan/Feb? in conjunction with Mr. Lamis & Mr. Davidson)
  • Scout Sunday
  • Presentation to the Session (Church Leadership)
  • Evangelism: outreach to P6, P14, P57