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Recharting 2023

The fees we are collecting now are for membership from Feb. 1, 2023 to Jan. 31, 2024.


Membership Fees for Troop 14/4014:

Scouts: $300 with no magazine,
             $315 with Scout Life magazine

              $90  (You can also get the Scout Life magazine, but it's aimed at the Scouts; add $15)


Adult members will need to have up-to-date YPT, and will need to complete their AB506 certification.


Payment info for Troop 14:

    Makeout your check to: BSA Troop 14


Payment info for Troop 4014:

  • PayPal – Please follow these steps to avoid fees:
  •  Login to your own PayPal account
  • Choose “Send Money to Friends & Family” to – you’ll know you’ve got the right account when you see the Snazzy Snail!
  •  This should hopefully add BSATroopPA FortyFourteen to your contacts for future transactions. 
  • Mail check written to BSA Troop 4014 to Jenna Bollyky, BSA Troop 4014 Treasurer at 997 Cottrell Way, Stanford, CA 94305.